I felt like I was at a dead end. Raising two girls, 1 and 3, can be considered in the “thick of it” with no family support. I was drowning in lack of self care. I felt hopeless because therapy was not helping me at all. There wasn’t any real sense of help or true advice to remedy anything going on in my life. Maybe it just wasn’t what I needed at that point in my life. I signed up for coaching with Carol. I wasn’t too familiar with Reiki, but I was willing to open my mind and try it. Nothing else was working and it sounded very healing plus a good way to have relief from everyday life. There was an incredible weight lifted off my shoulders from appointment one. I reached a very real level of calm and mental clearness. I was given tools to help rise above everything that would usually bother me. For example, for normal stresses throughout the day, I am now using the tools that were given to me to conquer what used to crush me. Whatever the issue was that week, Carol was amazing at having an exact tapping to address the problem! I feel so much stronger than I ever was before! I have a very real new found strength to face every problem. What has worked the most she listens, understands and has compassion. She follows that up by having the tools to remedy the issue, whatever it may be! A big sense of healing! You will not be wasting your time. Carol knows exactly what the client’s spirit, mind and body need. When a client works with her there is a very real sense of healing. Not only do you feel great after the sessions, you are sent an email of the breakdown of each session plus given a recording of the tappings! My favourite part was the distant Reiki and the information that is given to you of what was seen. This is an incredible journey and experience to a better you! Carol is very professional, understanding, and very resourceful! She is truly passionate at what she does and it shows!

Amanda Kieffer
Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

Before working with Carol, I was in a state of panic and constant anxiety due to some personal issues stemming from my relationship, my job, and the pandemic. I felt confused and I couldn’t stay organized or think straight. I’ve tried psychotherapy but it was very expensive. I’m familiar with some breathing techniques but if I don’t have a guide to assist I get distracted and feel defeated. I decided to book sessions with Carol after learning about her years of dedicated practice of her own methods.I really enjoyed the sessions. It was a great way to learn and practice new tools and decide what worked best for me. I find I can find my centre a lot faster now so that I can tackle challenges with less fear. It really felt like I was going through this process with a friend who was keeping me accountable without judgement if I slipped. I cried, laughed, and felt totally supported.

Katie Doyle
Toronto, Canada

Before coaching, I was a mess! I felt overwhelmed, stuck and defeated. I didn’t know how to face each day and really worried what would happen if I didn’t make a change soon. I tried online videos, books and other things that you could grab quickly. They never felt quite right, due to the impersonal and general tone they would present.  By the end of it (if I ever finished them), I felt as confused as I did before. I worried that coaching might not work, like everything else I tried. It meant breaking that barrier of actually speaking to someone about my issues, which can be scary when you’ve never done that before because of shame, judgement and ridicule. I decided to jump in and take a chance; I’m glad I did! My experience was calming, understanding and personal.  Carol really took the time to hear my issues and concerns in my life, and approached them with great exercises that I could incorporate in my daily routine. She was warm, friendly and attentive during our sessions. I feel much more calm and in control of my life. I’m now making time for myself and reaping the benefits.  It took baby steps, but little by little it was starting to fit in more easily and I could start managing what life threw at me.  When I do feel things starting to slip, I immediately apply what Carol has taught me to regain my centre, composure and clear mind. If you are struggling with how to find the will and strength to tackle everyday life, please reach out to her and book your sessions. She has real tools and a great demeanor; it’s hard finding those together along with results. I really lucked out with my life coach and want others to have that experience too!

Jordan. B
Charlottetown, P.E.I.

I was experiencing sleep deprivation, worry, stress and all of the challenges a mom faces on top of going through a difficult separation. After realizing that I hadn’t done anything for myself in months I called Carol to help me get back on track. I enjoyed the variety of exercises Carol used in each session, as each one helped me focus on getting my life back on track. Whether it was deep breathing or tapping techniques, visualization meditation, creating new goals, self-reflection or releasing the immense emotional burden I was carrying. I felt the negativity melting away & positive thoughts were starting to take over. It gave me a sense of empowerment and the confidence I needed to take control of my life, during the most difficult time I had ever experienced mentally & emotionally. Carol was attentive, caring, empathetic, optimistic, and made sure all my needs were met at the end of each session. With Carol’s guidance and support, I have found a new happier me and look forward to a bright & positive future for me and my son. Thank you Carol for all your positive vibes!

Beverly Webb
Burlington, Canada