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As amazing as it is to be a mom sometimes we can feel tired or drained by the middle of the day. It’s important to realize that movement can give you that big energy boost needed to carry out the never ending tasks. So why not make that movement fun?! Below I’ve listed 5 fun ways to add movement to your busy mama day.

1) Chase the Kids Around the House

You’re probably thinking “riiiight, I already chase my kids around all day!” But I mean it in terms of play. My kids absolutely love it when I chase them. We pretend to be dinosaurs or their favourite t.v. show characters or we have a race where I give them a massive head start. I love hearing their squeals of delight as they escape mommy’s clutches and their fits of giggles when I do catch them and cover them in kisses.

2) Play Outside

Kids of all ages love the outdoors no matter the weather. I was never a big fan of winter until I had children, now I actually enjoy getting bundled up to play in the fluffy white stuff. In the warmer months, head off to the park or hike in a nearby forest. Wet weather? Put on your rubber boots and grab an umbrella. Your kids will love the opportunity to puddle jump.

3) Do Yoga Together

Whether you have a consistent practice or not, yoga is a great way to move with your children. If you’re new to yoga then pull up a relaxing beginner yoga YouTube video. Before long you’ll hear your little ones cheering you on or even emulating the moves. Plus you’ll be encouraging healthy habits.

4) Dance Party

Honestly, who doesn’t enjoy a good dance party?! Even babies love them! Turn up some of your favourite music as you bust out your best moves. If you have toddlers teach them some of the old school dance favs like the running man, the twist, or the chicken dance. Take turns being in the spotlight, you might learn a new move or two from your little one.

5) Walk

Going outside for a simple walk is an easy way at add movement and fresh air to your day. Kids at any stage love being outdoors! Put them in the carrier, stroller or hold hands walking as you take some deep nourishing breaths and connect with nature. An added bonus is when you invite friends to join in.

Get moving and have fun!

And remember ~ Just Breathe Mama

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