mom coach with two children

Hey Mamas!

Yes, you heard right – I am a Mom Coach! I coach moms who sometimes feel overwhelmed with motherhood. We moms tend to become consumed with this role and try to be everything to everyone. I will help you remember who YOU are, just with the mom bits added on! I love coaching because I truly enjoy empowering mothers, helping them prioritize themselves, find their passions and shift into a state of calm and harmony. Here are the 3 reasons why I think a Mama Coach might be for you…

1) You Don’t Have to Do It Alone.

Being a mom can feel isolating even if you have amazing friends, a hands on partner and family nearby. I often felt alone while I was living abroad and caring for our children in the U.A.E.

You may be feeling a need to be deeply listened to. Often times you just need someone to bounce your thoughts, ideas and challenges off of.

As a coach and a fellow mama, I will hold space for you and be there for you to talk about and explore all of your feelings, positive and negative.

2) Prioritizing Self-Care.

Sometimes we just need time and space to get clear on what we really want and the way forward.

Imagine 60 minutes of scheduled uninterrupted time for you, to talk about your dreams, rediscover your passions, as well as having your own personal sounding board. Learn how to lovingly create boundaries, get clear on your values, add more space to your life through simplicity and develop nourishing habits.

By hiring a Mom Coach you are finally putting your well being first. You are making time for yourself so you can be the mom you really want to be.

We will work on your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual states using creative tools and strategies that I’ve found result in overall joy. Isn’t that what we all want?

3) Accountability

As your Coach, each week we will set small actionable steps to get you moving forward. Don’t worry mama, I already know how much you have on your plate so these will be manageable bite sized pieces and I will be there to support and encourage you every step of the way.

I promise zero judgement. Trust me, I’ve been exactly where you are. Rest assured that everything discussed in our time together is confidential.

If you are ready to have a conversation about where you’re at and how to find your spark again then click here and book a 20 min discovery call with me. Looking forward to connecting!

And remember ~ Just Breathe Mama

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